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What Are the Latest Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Here at Sargon Dental Implants Center we now offer the latest in teeth whitening technology. Zoom teeth whitening is a powerful led light that is used to lighten the tooth enamel. The patient can see results instantly after the procedure.

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Typically Zoom is a treatment that takes one hour of fifteen-minute increments. Some patients may need more that one procedure to produce the desired result. There may be some sensitivity afterward which will subside in a few days. Another option, that is a commonly provided for teeth whiting, by Dr. Sargon Lazarof is the at-home teeth whitening kit. This is more convenient for the patient because they can whiten their teeth at their leisure and as often as they would like. However, some patients choose to have the ZOOM whitening procedure done in the office for instant results then use the home whitening kits for maintenance.

The best option is to come into the Sargon Dental Center and discuss these options with Dr. Sargon Lazarof. An examination of the enamel might be needed to determine the right course of action for the patient.

What Are Professionally Dispensed Take-Home Whitening Kits?

Many dentists are of the opinion that professionally dispensed take-home whitening kits can produce the best results over the long haul. Take-home kits incorporate an easy-to-use lower-concentration peroxide gel that remains on the teeth for an hour or longer (sometimes overnight). The lower the peroxide percentage, the longer it may safely remain on the teeth. The gel is applied to the teeth using custom-made bleaching trays that resemble mouth guards.

What Is the Difference Between Teeth Bleaching and Whitening?

The term “bleaching” as it applies to teeth, is used when the products contain hydrogen peroxide and/or Carbamide peroxide. This type of treatment usually makes teeth whiter than their natural state. The term “whitening,” as it applies to teeth, is used when the enamel is cleaned of dirt and debris thus taking the color back to its original color. This is often confused with “bleaching” because some treatments are incorrectly called “whitening” because it sounds less invasive to the patient. As teeth age, they will become darker in color due to natural wear and tear. This can be corrected with a whitening treatment from the dentist to clean the enamel and restore it to a more youthful appearance.

What Are the Causes of Teeth Staining?

There are many factors that may cause tooth staining. Some of these factors are as follows: Age, enamel translucency, eating/drinking habits, grinding, injury/trauma and drugs/chemicals. Although there are many reasons that your smile may not be as bright as you would like, sometimes it can be just due to simple genetics. It is best to consult with your dentist before beginning any type of whitening treatment. The tooth enamel must be examined to make certain that it is healthy enough for a whitening treatment.

What Are the Risks Associated With Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening treatments are considered to be safe when procedures are followed as directed. However, there are certain risks associated with bleaching that you should be aware of:

Bleaching can cause a temporary increase in sensitivity to temperature, pressure and touch. This is likeliest to occur during in-office whitening, where higher-concentration bleach is used. Some individuals experience spontaneous shooting pains (“zingers”) down the middle of their front teeth. Individuals at greatest risk for whitening sensitivity are those with gum recession, significant cracks in their teeth or leakage resulting from faulty restorations. It has also been reported that redheads, including those with no other risk factors, are at particular risk for tooth sensitivity and zingers. Whitening sensitivity lasts no longer than a day or two, but in some cases may persist up to a month. Some dentists recommend a toothpaste containing potassium nitrate for sensitive teeth.

Over half of those who use peroxide whiteners experience some degree of gum irritation resulting from the bleach concentration or from contact with the whitening trays. Such irritation typically lasts up to several days, dissipating after bleaching has stopped or the peroxide concentration lowered.



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