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What is a Root Canal Treatment?

The tooth is a dynamic structure and has many layers. When the outer layer or enamel is damaged and begins to decay, the untreated decay can spread to the inner layers of the tooth structure. Next, the tooth Dentin becomes decayed and after that the Pulp Chamber. The Pulp Chamber is a highly sensitive area since it houses the root of the tooth.

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Once the decay has spread this far the root will soon become infected and create an abscess. This is usually the time when a patient begins to notice that the discomfort is unbearable and will go to the dentist. At this point, not much can be other than a root canal treatment besides extracting the tooth. The process of treating the interior aspects of a tooth by a dentist, specifically, that space occupied by its “pulp tissue.” is known as root canal therapy. At Sargon Dental Implants, Dr. Sargon Lazarof performs many root canal procedures. He is highly trained and skilled in endodontic treatments.

What is the process of a root canal treatment?

First, the dentist will take X-rays to see the extent of the infection. Then the patient’s mouth is prepared for the procedure. The dentist will drill through the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth to expose the infected pulp. Now the dentist will carefully remove the infected pulp. Once the tooth is cleared out it can be filled, sealed and topped with a crown (synthetic tooth). A mature adult tooth doesn’t need the pulp to survive. It can absorb nutrition through the tissue surrounding it. After the tooth has been restored it will continue to function like any other tooth.

What will happen after root canal treatment?

There is usually some pain, pressure and general discomfort after a root canal treatment. However, it can usually be managed with over the counter medication. The office staff will contact you within 48 hours to make sure you are doing well. If you have any issues with your root canal or the pain and pressure persist more than a few days you should call our office immediately.

How much does a root canal usually cost?

The cost of a root canal depends on the severity and complexity of the procedure. It will be determined on a case by case basis by the dentist. If you have any questions or concerns about the cost of the root canal please contact our office for a Free Consultation | 1-888-673-2177



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I am very happy with my care at Sargon Dental, not only by Dr. Sargon Lazarof but by his whole staff. They have all earned five stars plus. I am extremely happy with the look and functionality of my teeth (implant and veneers). I will be a lifetime client as I have much more work to do!!! Thank you!!!
Tracey, M
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Hands down best dentist I’ve been to so far. Everyone that works there is so kind and accommodating. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is scared to go to the dentist, they make the experience so smoothly
Darya M.
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I found this dentist online and even though it was out of my area he was good. He is knowledgeable and made me comfortable. I had to have a tooth replaced after a surfing injury and he gave me a good deal. I would go back to him for sure.
Garrett S.

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