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Immediate (Ultratooth) Dental Implants

Dental implants have become one of the most effective restoration procedures in the field and are highly recommended for patients needing to fill gaps caused by missing teeth. When they first appeared on the market, dental implants were out of financial reach for the majority of patients due to the high costs of equipment and materials. However, after decades of advancements in technology, the process of placing a dental implant has become more achievable and efficient than ever.

For some patients, the process of getting a dental implant can last for months, between extractions, placements, bone grafts, and recovery. Now, with the only FDA approved device on the market, you could qualify for an immediate dental implant procedure, allowing you to leave with a brand new smile after only one appointment!

Benefits of Immediate (Ultratooth) Dental Implants

Immediate (Ultratooth) dental implants are extremely beneficial for patients in both preserving existing natural teeth and protecting the areas where teeth are missing.

  • Unlike most surgical procedures, immediate dental implants provide:
  • Instant satisfactory results
  • Increased confidence in self-appearance
  • More time in your schedule with fewer office visits
  • A comfortable alternative to uncomfortable removable replacements
  • Natural looking and functioning teeth

Immediate (Ultratooth) vs Traditional Dental Implants

Some patients wonder if the process of an immediate implant results in a less durable product- we assure you this is not the case. The most significant difference between the immediate and traditional dental implant is not stability, but more so the time between steps completed in both processes.

Traditional Dental Implants:

Traditionally, the process of placing a dental implant has been separated into multiple office visits. After the consultation, dentists practicing conventional dental implants will set one appointment for drilling the titanium screw and another for placing the abutment and dental crown (sometimes these processes are also separated). The purpose of spacing the appointments is to allow for the osseointegration process (where the implant fuses to the jawbone) to begin before the crown is placed.

The length of time between these appointments is dependent on several factors of the patient’s oral health. If the patient does not want to continue to be seen in public with a missing tooth, the waiting period before the crown is placed can require the wear of removable replacement appliances that can be tedious and sometimes uncomfortable.

Immediate (Ultratooth) Dental Implants:

As the name indicates, immediate dental implants provide you with a completed looking replacement tooth in only one visit! During this procedure, your dentists will be able to remove an existing tooth, insert the titanium screw, and place a temporary dental crown during the same appointment. By placing a temporary crown, this eliminates the need for additional removable appliances or unsightly gaps in a patient’s smile. To achieve the most durable result, patients will need to return to the office once their final porcelain crown is available. But compared to going months with an open socket where your implant screw was inserted, this time will pass quickly without the worry of hiding a missing tooth.

Consultation for Immediate (Ultratooth) Dental Implants

Much like any other cosmetic dental procedure, you’ll start the process by consulting with your dental provider about your options. Evaluating the overall health of your teeth, gums, bone integrity, and other oral health factors will have a significant impact on your qualification for a successful implant. Often, patients who require dental implants are also in need of bone grafts to strengthen the jawbone where the implant is to be placed. With immediate dental implants, bone grafts can be placed at the same time as the implant; another step often separated by traditional implant providers.

Process of Immediate (Ultratooth) Dental Implants

When attending your appointment for your immediate dental implant, the length of time the visit can take will depend on your treatment. If you are seeking a dental implant for a tooth that is decayed or broken, your provider will have to extract the tooth appropriately before the implant procedure can begin. Once the socket is bare, your dentist will begin placing the titanium screw of the implant through the gums and into the jawbone. Surgically placing the screw into the one allows for the process mentioned above, or, osseointegration to take place, providing the strength and durability of a naturally rooted tooth.

After surgically placing the screw, the next step is to put the temporary crown that will remain until your final crown is created. Though brief, this crown will be matched as close as possible to the shape and shade of your teeth to provide a natural looking replacement, immediately improving the appearance of your smile.

The recovery process for both traditional and immediate dental implants is similar. Your mouth will be in a state of shock from the surgical procedure and will need time to recover before returning to everyday functioning. While your implant is anchoring to your jawbone, your dental provider will suggest a soft diet.  Hard foods can negatively affect the osseointegration process, causing the implant to fail, so avoiding these at all costs is critical to recovery. Tooth sensitivity is also common after a dental implant. Ensuring foods/drinks are room temperature will help prevent discomfort from cold or hot foods. Finally, when your final crown is completed, you will return to your dentist for the removal of your temporary crown. Your final crown will be fit and approved by your dentist, with adjustments necessary to ensure appropriate placement. The lift of the temporary diet restriction will be dependent on where you are in the recovery process at the time of this appointment. Once you have recovered, you are free to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile- including eating your favorite foods again!

Best Candidate for Immediate Dental Implants

Eventually, dental implants will become so advanced that anyone will be able to receive an instantly perfect smile. However, even with several advancements in the procedure, immediate dental implants are not currently for everyone.

The best candidates for immediate dental implants typically:

  • Require a tooth replacement in one of the front teeth.
  • Have previously lost several or all natural teeth.
  • Have strong bone integrity and healthy gums
  • Do not require future orthodontic treatments

If you do not meet the qualifications for an immediate dental implant, your dentist may recommend a tradition dental implant or other restoration option to achieve the radiant smile you desire.

Cost of Immediate Dental Implants

To determine the cost of your immediate dental implant, you will first have to consult with your dentist to determine what type of treatment is needed to create your dream smile. Once developing a treatment plan, your dental insurance will be able to determine how much of your plan can contribute to the cost and how much will be required out of pocket. Working with the financial coordinator in your dentist’s office can then help you create a payment plan for your treatment, as well as determine third party supports who specialize financial assistance for dental procedures.

How To Find A Immediate Dental Provider

If you do not currently have a dentist who performs immediate dental implants, call your insurance company or visit their website to explore possible providers in your area. Our teeth are essential to the way we live our every day lives. Contact a provider in your area to see if you qualify to restore your smile today!

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