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How Many Sittings Required for Sargon Dental Implants? 2017-06-09T23:58:07+00:00

Normally it’s a matter of 3 settings.

  1. 1st sitting or initial assessment, radiographic records, medical history & clinical examination.
  2. 2nd sitting for the implant placement .
  3. 3rd sitting to place temporary crowns for a period of 4-6 months to be subsequently changed to ceramic crowns/bridges.

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What If I Have Further Questions? 2017-06-09T23:59:26+00:00

We expect you will. Feel free to contact our office at 1-888-673-2177. Our staff is very proficient in answering questions. However, if they cannot answer your question, Dr. Sargon Lazarof will return your call personally as soon as possible.

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How Successful Is the Treatment & Safety? 2017-05-17T15:46:31+00:00

Modern dental implant treatment is highly successful, as a general guideline, the five-year success rate of dental implant is over 95% with the lower jaw (mandible) and about 90% with an upper jaw (maxilla).
The success rates may slowly decrease, as the implant stays longer in function. In difficult cases, the success rates are expected to be lower. Despite the overall high success rates with dental implant treatment, there is still the possibility of failure, which can be contributed by various factors and conditions, such as poor healing power, poor bone quality, smoking, and diabetes. & most important of all-Poor oral Hygiene.

Whereas no medical treatment can be guaranteed 100 percent without risks and failures, implant operation can be considered very safe. The prosthetic phase of treatment is basically non-invasive and non-surgical in nature.

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What Is the Success Rate of Sargon Dental Implants? 2017-06-09T23:56:15+00:00

Dental Implants as a solution to missing teeth has been practiced for a few decades. Generally, because of advances in implant dentistry over the years, dental implants can have success rates above 90% in natural bone. Having said that, success rates depend on many factors, for example, the patient’s own health status or whether he/she is a smoker.

Although at the present time we cannot put a figure down as to the longevity of implants, it is known that the first patient who had implants placed in 1965 still has them in function today. Of course, regular checkups and diligently maintaining one’s oral hygiene is also of utmost importance in preventing failure.

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Is Sargon Dental Implants Treatment Painful? 2017-06-10T00:03:40+00:00

The surgical placement of dental implants causes only minor discomfort similar to having a tooth removed. Post-operative discomfort is controlled with the use of prescriptions. Depending on the extent of the therapy, many persons return to work the day of their surgery. Most patients report that they were much more comfortable following the procedure than they had anticipated.

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How Do I Get Started Sargon Dental Implants? 2017-05-17T15:05:39+00:00

The first step is a comprehensive examination of existing teeth, bone and gums. This allows for an accurate diagnosis and discovery of the potential solutions to your condition.
During the first visit, Dr. Sargon Lazarof will perform a visual examination and evaluate radiographs (X-Rays). He will then share his findings with you, recommend treatment solutions, and help you determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

We invite our patients to have a family member or friend participate in our discussions, which most patients find very beneficial. In addition, any financial matters will be discussed in detail and in a confidential setting before any treatment is started.

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