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Annamarie Resurreccion
Annamarie ResurreccionDental Office Manager
Annamarie providing effective follow-up to patients, helps patients for their appointment, and dental Insurance.
Dr. SARGON LAZAROFCosmetic Dentist
Dr.Sargon Lazarof Inventor of immediate Dental Implants offers quality cosmetic dentistry in Encino, California
Alenoosh & Angie
Alenoosh & AngieDental Assistants
Anoosh and Angie provide dental assistant services to our patients in Sargon Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentistry

These days, the field of cosmetic dentistry has become among the most popularly sought out profession. Most people are determined to ensure that they look good and attractive and leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that they get the best professional who can deliver as per their expectations. Smiling makes you look bright and beautiful and in case your teeth aren’t in a great shape, smiling might not yield the needed results.

Visiting Sargon Dental Implants in Los Angeles, California is a great way of ensuring that you don’t have to restrict yourself not to smile as much as you want or feeling embraced when smiling. Dr. Sargon Lazarof will provide you with total dental care to give your teeth a complete face lift.

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Sargon Dental Implants

Finding the best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles is a great way to ensure that your teeth are taken the best care of. Nowadays, dental treatment is more than just braces, cleanings and cavities and cosmetic dentistry seems to be taking over the field of dentistry today. There are many beauty procedures undertaken on the teeth to ensure they get the best look and a cosmetic dentist can help you achieve exactly this.

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yelp love us

I am very happy with my care at Sargon Dental, not only by Dr. Sargon Lazarof but by his whole staff. They have all earned five stars plus. I am extremely happy with the look and functionality of my teeth (implant and veneers). I will be a lifetime client as I have much more work to do!!! Thank you!!!

Tracey, M
yelp love us
Hands down best dentist I’ve been to so far. Everyone that works there is so kind and accommodating. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is scared to go to the dentist, they make the experience so smoothly
Darya M.
yelp love us

I found this dentist online and even though it was out of my area he was good. He is knowledgeable and made me comfortable. I had to have a tooth replaced after a surfing injury and he gave me a good deal. I would go back to him for sure.

Garrett S.
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